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Western University Academic Calendar. - 2019

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Course Numbering

0001-0999* Pre-University level introductory courses
1000-1999 Year 1 courses
2000-4999 Senior-level undergraduate courses
5000-5999 Professional Degree courses in Dentistry, Education, Law, Medicine and Theology (MTS, MDiv)
6000-6999 Courses offered by Continuing Studies
9000-9999 Graduate Studies courses

* These courses are equivalent to pre-university introductory courses and may be counted for credit in the student's record, unless these courses were taken in a preliminary year. They may not be counted toward essay or breadth requirements, or used to meet modular admission requirements unless it is explicitly stated in the Senate-approved outline of the module.


no suffix 1.0 course not designated as an essay course
A 0.5 course offered in first term
B 0.5 course offered in second term
A/B 0.5 course offered in first and/or second term
E 1.0 essay course
F 0.5 essay course offered in first term
G 0.5 essay course offered in second term
F/G 0.5 essay course offered in first and/or second term
H 1.0 accelerated course (8 weeks)
J 1.0 accelerated course (6 weeks)
K 0.75 course
L 0.5 graduate course offered in summer term (May - August)
Q/R/S/T 0.25 course offered within a regular session
U 0.25 course offered in other than a regular session
W/X 1.0 accelerated course (full course offered in one term)
Y 0.5 course offered in other than a regular session
Z 0.5 essay course offered in other than a regular session



A course that must be successfully completed prior to registration for credit in the desired course.


A course that must be taken concurrently with (or prior to registration in) the desired course.


Courses that overlap sufficiently in course content that both cannot be taken for credit.

Essay Courses

Many courses at Western have a significant writing component. To recognize student achievement, a number of such courses have been designated as essay courses and will be identified on the student's record (E essay full course; F/G/Z essay half-course).

Principal Courses

A first year course that is listed by a department offering a module as a requirement for admission to the module. For admission to an Honors Specialization module or Double Major modules in an Honors Bachelor degree, at least 3.0 courses will be considered principal courses.


Course Level

Course Type

Governance, Leadership and Ethics

Governance is about collective action and shared decision-making in a complex, interdependent, and uncertain world. Investigating organizational efficiency, policy legitimacy, and strategic objectives, this course introduces students to the theories and models of contemporary governance and explores their implementation in organizational settings across the public, private, and community sectors.

Extra Information: 3 hours.

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This course introduces students to principled leadership as a foundation for decision-making and evaluation. A theory-to-practice approach is applied providing a coherent framework for action, taking into account authority, power, influence, followership, competencies, personality, role, and citizenship. Students learn diagnostic tools for analysis, constituent responsibilities, and strategic action.

Antirequisite(s): Dimensions of Leadership 1000A/B, Dimensions of Leadership 1031.

Extra Information: 3 hours.

Course Weight: 0.50
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Bringing together learning across Governance, Leadership, and Ethics, the capstone course integrates, extends, or applies the theories, methods, and findings across GLE courses. In collaboration with the Director of GLE, students select from among the following options: Thesis, Major Research Papers, Reading Course, or Community-Based Consultancy with a Written Report.

Course Weight: 0.50
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