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Western University Academic Calendar. - 2019


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Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements with an overall average of at least 75% on at least 5.0 courses including Religious Studies 1027E and the required first-year course for a declared second teachable subject.

Philosophy 1900E is highly recommended.

Enrollment in this module is limited. Meeting the minimum requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

Module/Program Information

7.0 courses:

3.5 courses: Religious Studies 2201F/G, Religious Studies 2202F/G, Religious Studies 2203F/G, Religious Studies 2204F/G, Religious Studies 2207E, Religious Studies 2294F/G.
1.0 course from: Religious Studies 2271F/G and Religious Studies 2272F/G.
0.5 course: Religious Studies 2208U*, Religious Studies 3308U*.
0.5 course: Religious Studies 4408Y.
1.0 course from Religious Studies at the 2200 level or above.
0.5 course from Religious Studies at the 3000 level or above.

* All students pursuing an Honors Specialization or Major module in Catholic Studies for Teachers will be expected to complete field placements in second and third year. These two 0.25 service learning courses will be evaluated on a PASS/FAIL basis.

Religious Studies 2208U: Catholic Education (1) in second year.
Religious Studies 3308U: Catholic Education (2) in third year.

In addition to completing the module requirements noted above, students must successfully complete courses to support a second teachable subject area, with a minimum average of 75% on these courses, with no course grade less than 60%.

Note: This module requires Religious Studies 2203F/G, which has Religious Studies 1023E as an antirequisite.  Students who have completed Religious Studies 1023E must substitute an alternate 0.5 course in Religious Studies at the 2200 level.

Note: Students should be aware of the following course sequencing issues with respect to this module:

1) Religious Studies 2271F/G and Religious Studies 2272F/G cannot normally be taken until at least third year as they require prerequisites of Religious Studies 2201F/G and Religious Studies 2202F/G.
2) The Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies offers certain courses in alternate years;  students are responsible for checking the Departmental Website for course rotation information.