tỷ lệ cá độ bóng đá

Western University Academic Calendar. - 2019


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Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements.

Module/Program Information

4.0 courses:

2.0 courses in Japanese language at successive levels, e.g., Japanese 1000 level to 2200 level courses or Japanese 2200 level to 3300 level courses.
1.0 course from: Japanese 2601A/B (the former CGS 2201A/B), Japanese 3650F/G (the former CGS 3450F/G).
1.0 coursein Arts or Social Science with Japan content. The course must receive prior approval from the Department. The following are pre-approved: Economics 2114F/G, Economics 3314A/B, History 2605E, History 4605E; Political Science 2280E, Political Science 3380E, Political Science 3383F/G.

Note: No more than 1.0 Centre for Global Studies course numbered 2200-2399 may be included in the 4.0 courses of the module.