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Western University Academic Calendar. - 2019

Western Main Campus

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Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including 1.0 course from Geography 1100, Geography 1300A/B, Geography 1400F/G, Geography 1500F/G, Environmental Science 1021F/G,  with a mark of at least 60% in each of these courses. Senior students may also use Geography 2131A/B and/or Geography 2153A/B in making up the 1.0 admission requirement, as long as they were completed with a grade of at least 60%. Senior qualifying entry course(s) cannot be counted for subsequent program credit.

Module/Program Information

6.0 courses:

0.5 course: Geography 2210A/B* (normally taken in Year 2).
1.0 courses from: Geography 2220A/B, tỷ lệ cá độ bóng đáGeography 2230A/B, Geography 2240A/B, Geography 3250A/B or the former Geography 2250A/B.
1.5 courses from: Geography 2310A/B, Geography 2320A/B, Geography 2330A/B, Geography 2410A/B, Geography 2411F/G, Geography 2420A/B, Geography 2430A/B, Geography 2450F/G, Geography 2460F/G, the former Geography 2340A/B.
0.5 course from: Geography courses numbered 2000 or above.
2.5 additional courses in Geography numbered 3000 or above.

 * In cases where an antirequisite statistics course has been taken instead, then an additional 0.5 course numbered 2000 or above in Geography must be taken to make up the 6.0 courses required for the module.

1. Combination with a Major module in Science or Basic Medical Sciences may allow graduation with a 4 year BSc.
2. To qualify for a 4 year BSc degree, 11.0 Science and/or Science-equivalent courses are required.
3. When taken within this module, the following Geography courses count towards meeting the requirement of 11.0 Science courses in a 4-Year BSc: , Geography 2131A/B, Geography 2210A/B, Geography 2220A/B, Geography 2230A/B, Geography 2240A/B, Geography 2310A/B, Geography 2320A/B, Geography 2330A/B, Geography 3210A/B, Geography 3211A/B, Geography 3221A/B, Geography 3222A/B, Geography 3223A/B, Geography 3231A/B, Geography 3260A/B, Geography 3311A/B, Geography 3333A/B, Geography 3334A/B, Geography 3341A/B, Geography 3342A/B, tỷ lệ cá độ bóng đáGeography 3343A/B, Geography 3350A/B, Geography 3352A/B, Geography 4901E, the former Geography 2122A/B, the former Geography 2340A/B, the former Geography 3241A/B, the former Geography 3312A/B, the former Geography 3321A/B, the former Geography 3331A/B, the former Geography 3332A/B.