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This module builds on the Major in Chemistry, and allows the choice of specializing in a particular area of chemistry. This module includes tỷ lệ cá độ bóng đáChemistry 4491E, an independent research project in which the student works in one of the research laboratories in the Department of Chemistry, typically in the final year of study. This module is identical to the Honors Specialization in Chemistry module but does not require a minimum 70% average.

Admission Requirements

Completion of first year requirements, including the following 3.0 courses with no mark less than 60%:

1.0 course from: tỷ lệ cá độ bóng đáChemistry 1301A/B and tỷ lệ cá độ bóng đáChemistry 1302A/B, or the former Chemistry 1100A/B and the former Chemistry 1200B.
1.0 course from: (Physics 1028A/B or Physics 1301A/B or Physics 1501A/B) and (Physics 1029A/B or Physics 1302A/B or Physics 1502A/B);
1.0 course from: Calculus 1000A/B or Calculus 1500A/B and one of Applied Mathematics 1201A/B, Applied Mathematics 1413, Calculus 1301A/B, Calculus 1501A/B, Mathematics 1600A/B, Mathematics 1225A/B or Mathematics 1229A/B.

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