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Designed for students already possessing an undergraduate degree, the Diploma in Childhood and Advocacy provides students with the conceptual background and specific knowledge to contribute to the planning, adoption and implementation of childhood advocacy initiatives. All Diploma courses may be credited towards other undergraduate programs. A student who does not yet possess a university degree may apply for admission to the Certificate in Childhood and Advocacy. The Certificate can be taken concurrently with an undergraduate degree.

Admission Requirements

Possession of an undergraduate university degree. This is a limited enrolment program and meeting the minimum admission requirements does not guarantee admission.

Module/Program Information

Program Requirements

To qualify for the Diploma in Childhood Advocacy, students must achieve an overall average of 65% in the following 5.0 courses:

3.5 courses: tỷ lệ cá độ bóng đáChildhood and Social Institutions 1025F/G, tỷ lệ cá độ bóng đáChildhood and Social Institutions 2210F/G, Childhood and Social Institutions 3300F/G, Childhood and Social Institutions 3350F/G, Childhood and Social Institutions 3351F/G, Childhood and Social Institutions 3352F/G, Childhood and Social Institutions 3353F/G.
1.5 courses from: Childhood and Social Institutions 2255F/G or the former Political Science 2265F/G, Childhood and Social Institutions 2256F/G or the former Political Science 2266F/G, the former Political Science 3345F/G, Disability Studies 2201F/G, Disability Studies 3311F/G, Sociology 2140, the former Interdisciplinary Studies 2240F/G.