A Way of Seeing
All form is a manifestation of the formless, arising from it and returning to it.

Everything is interconnected. This recognition is fundamental to understanding our universe, and to the right action that springs from understanding.

Consciousness is independent of physical form, and is somehow imbued into it. Consciousness is not simply an emergent property of the brain.

The consciousness of humans and other life forms is reality's way of experiencing itself. We are the eyes of the universe, and the more conscious we become the more clearly the universe "sees" itself.

This consensual reality we inhabit here is "Earth School". If there is a purpose to life, it is to learn the lessons we need to become fully human. The most important lessons are love, liberation and the sacredness of interconnection.

The sense of separation that we feel (mind/body, matter/spirit, self/other, humans/resources) gives rise to the grasping or attachment that is the source of all of our misery, and by extension also the misery we humans inflict on the non-human world. This is why healing our sense of separation is of crucial importance.

If there is such a thing as "Evil", at its core is the feeling of separation.  If there is such a thing as "Good", its foundation is the awareness of interconnection.

Love and compassion are the inevitable outcome of realizing the sacredness of interconnection, which is an aspect of awakening.

Each of us who has awakened has a deep responsibility to help others awaken in turn. We are all bodhisattvas now.


June 4, 2009

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